ICONICS software tools for the automation world are distributed worldwide through the products and services offered by our OEM partners. From GENESIS32 and GENESIS64 to Open Series applications, from WebHMI to our Embedded Solutions, companies choose to deploy ICONICS software as part of their solutions offering to their customers. ICONICS software is distributed through existing partners in many different industry verticals such as Building Automation, Utilities, Water, Automotive, Oil & Gas and more.

OEM partnerships are integral to ICONICS’ core business. These collaborative relationships involve more than just a company reselling our software; we strive to become a synergetic partner with the people with whom we do business. Strong relationships between the ICONICS and the OEM development teams ensure tight integration of ICONICS technology with our partner’s solutions offerings.

Some of our partners choose to redistribute our software under the ICONICS label, taking advantage of our brand name in the marketplace. Others prefer to market their solutions using our software under their own brand name and ICONICS becomes the “software behind the software.” ICONICS has a dedicated OEM team that is familiar with the specific needs of OEM partners and ready to serve you.

ICONICS OEM Services includes the following services:

  • Custom Development
  • Product private-labeling
  • Installation customization
  • CD creation
  • Product documentation transformation
  • Application notes
  • Training services
  • Application Engineering
  • On-site project assistance engineering on large jobs

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